DOCKIT offers…

  • A large, open, wifi-enabled workspace
  • Private, professionally appointed meeting rooms for 1-12, most are Zoom-ready
  • Quiet spaces for thinking, chatting and collaborating
  • Dedicated desks* and private offices*
  • A sound-proof, Zoom-ready phone booth
  • Secure lockers to store items such as laptops during court appointments
  • A small kitchen area
  • Clean, private rest rooms
  • WiFi and Bluetooth printers, ScanSnap scanners and an on-site shredder for small jobs
  • Secure shredding bins and Sir Speedy directly across the street for large jobs 

*pending availability

DOCKIT is quiet and professional and easily accessible. We are surrounded by many excellent restaurants and just a short walk to the MGM Casino.

Expect to be impressed!  Tours by appointment.

DOCKIT meets the CPCS requirements for Bar Advocate assignments

Check out our  Price Plans or  request information.